From the Internet Fortress of ‘the DON’…

My Fellow Interpreneur,

Talking about Quick Shortcuts… would you like to find out how a desperate unemployed father of three went from this:

You’ll be shocked when you find out the truth.

But before I reveal the embarassing truth, we need to get some other stuff out of the way.

Picture this…

Leon is seated at his computer in a semi-darkened room, the glow from the monitor illuminating his face. The smell of freshly brewed coffee hangs heavy in the room. An empty pizza box lies nearby, serving as evidence that Leon hasn’t left his computer in quite some time.

Overall, Leon is getting pretty tired. His eyes are getting blurry and sore from staring at the computer. Seems like he’s been up for days – building his website, creating a product, getting everything just right.

And yet his mind is awake. He’s excited. He has butterflies in his stomach. And that’s because…

He’s About to Become Filthy RICH!

At least that’s what he thinks.

Truth is, very soon Leon is going to be VERY disappointed. All his dreams of fast cars, fancy vacations and everything else those “get rich quick” sales letters promised him are going to crumble into ashes.

He’s going to feel like he’s been punched in the gut. He’s going to feel like curling up in a fetal position for a few days. He might even feel like socking one of those “fake gurus” in the nose.

It’s happened before to Leon. He gets all excited about the latest whiz bang “Get-Rich-Quick” product. He joins all the lists and gets suckered into the big Product Launch. He can hardly sleep because he’s so excited about all the money he’s going to make.

But then he falls flat… every single time. Dreams shattered. Hopes crushed. His friends and family just laugh at him, telling him to get a “real job.” He’s starting to think they’re right.

Maybe you can kind of relate to Leon…

It’s hard to keep your FOCUS when you are OVERWHELMED by so many options, right?

I’m sure you’ve dreamed big before… but then you were disappointed when it didn’t pan out. Those sales letters give you so much hope. You’re sure that you’re just days or weeks away from making all your dreams come true.

Then reality hits you like a Mack truck…

Ouch. Dreams stomped on – again! It’s frustrating.

Look, if this is ever happened to you before, let me assure you it’s not your fault. And you’re most definitely not alone!

You see, there are hundreds if not thousands of people who’re selling false hopes to you. They slick up their sales letters and push every emotional hot button. They’re hoping you’re desperate, because they plan on playing off your desperation to stuff their pockets with cash.

Thing is… “Get-Rich-Quick” is just a myth. Sure, the occasional person does it. But then again, the occasional person finds oil in their backyard, too. Doesn’t mean he can teach others to find oil in their backyards. Know what I mean?

That’s why the key is for you to learn how to “Get-Rich-Slowly”. You need to build a solid foundation for your business, grow it, and then take it to the next level.

Virtually every major business in the world used these same steps to get big – so that’s what you’ll need to do, too.

Your Own 10-Figure Asset?

The good thing is that doing it this way… the sky is your limit.

And you never know… you could even end up with your own 10-Figure Asset.

But even if you don’t end up with a 10-Figure Asset, would you be disappointed with 7-Figures… or maybe even 6-Figures?

Like… the colleague of mine who only last week told me of the $1.5 million Venture Capital investment her Internet Business received from a major player on the Internet.

Do you just need a Quick Cash Infusion (QCI) for an emergency or to pay a bill?

A journey of a billion dollars starts with a single step, and you are about to take that all important first step, and you won’t get lost on this journey, because you’ll have a Map.

And fortunately, it’s a lot easier than you think…

Introducing the “Internet Business Map”:
Your personal guide and roadmap for building
and running a profitable online business!

Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned veteran, product creator, affiliate marketer or service provider, there’s something for everyone inside this meaty guide. Take a look…

If you’re a…

  • Beginner: Read the entire guide, and then focus on Part 1 to choose the right business model!
  • Experienced marketer but you’re not earning as expected: Focus on Parts 2 and 3 of the guide first before delving into the rest of the manual!
  • Experienced marketer and you’re already earning: Focus on Part 4 to discover how to grow your business and take it to the next level!

Now before you discover exactly what you’ll find inside this exciting, eye-opening guide, let me introduce myself…

My name is Oz and I run a real (and profitable!) Internet Business. I don’t call myself an “Internet Marketer” because Internet Business is about so much more than Marketing, and you can bet I know what I’m talking about…

You see, I cut my business teeth in the corporate world, eventually becoming an Internet Consultant for 8 years for Billion Dollar corporations.

More recently, I’ve also enjoyed success with Online Affiliate Marketing, Digital Information Publishing, Online Advertising, and even as a Service Provider.

Need proof?

If you are anything like me, you want to be sure that the person making these claims is actually trustworthy and reliable. So, let’s check out what others are saying about me…

“You Provide the Clear Blueprint!”

Hi, Oz!

It’s Professor Mary here. Congratulations on your new site.

These days, who isn’t looking for extra income or a retirement nest egg? Most of us have knowledge and solutions worth sharing, so the lure of online income is strong.

What I found were thousands of products selling “easy” Internet marketing methods that don’t work, leave out key details, or make everything hopelessly complex. My years of online teaching, program development, marketing, and technical experience didn’t protect me from wasting thousands of dollars.

Almost every “newbie” online has a similar story.

It’s easy for anybody to get overwhelmed and confused by conflicting SEO, keyword research, backlinking, and “next best thing” nonsense being published to make more money. I thought buying software and automation tools would make life easier. Most of that software never worked right or featured blackhat methods Google banned within months.

Your careful testing, intelligence, humor, honesty, and clear instructions were such a breath of fresh air to me. If there’s more than one way to do something, you say so. And if you’ve found a proven way, you provide the clear blueprint, step by step with some laughs in between.

I’m glad you didn’t confine your publishing to the marketing forums. Sure, you were a big hit, but now even more people can discover your simple breakthrough reports here.


“How to Know Which of the Promised Paths Will
Lead You Forward? Hire Oz As Your Guide.”

In a steaming jungle crawling with vipers, panthers, and anacondas, Oz is a guide to a safe haven and a long drink of cool water.

He strives to give and to help — with honor, clarity, and integrity. His reports are honest, straightforward, and concise, and always offer pivotal information to help you cut through the dense hanging vines and reach your destination safely.

Yes, I have, like all wanderers in the dark jungle, fallen prey to the voracious beasts that roam through the underbrush, sniffing for fresh blood.

I have wasted hours, and dollars, searching for the elusive Shangri-La.

I have gigabytes and gigabytes of stuff I have skimmed and set aside to read “later.” And “later” never comes.

The problem is time, and focus, and money.

So many promises, so little time (and money).

I have Oz’s 3 in 1 Special. It’s an excellent bargain (makes me feel like I scored a great jacket on the clearance rack!) and is full of very specific new “secrets” that help me hone my campaigns in ways that other marketers products did not.

How to know which of the promised paths will lead you forward? Hire Oz as your guide. He works hard to give you hidden jewels of guidance at prices everyone can afford.


“This Would Save Me Thousands of Dollars
(Literally) and Months of Frustration!”

I am glad I discovered the “wizard” on time..

Although I had got a level of success before knowing Oz, his reports and writing were a great inspiration for me and made a huge difference in my business.

I hope I discovered him earlier, this would save me thousands of dollars (literally) and months of frustration.

And what I really like about this guy is that his writing is really addictive, enjoyable and valuable


As you’ve probably realised by now, I am not your typical product vendor. One significant difference between myself and the majority of people selling information products is that I actually know what I am talking about.

However, I am NOT ashamed to admit that building my Internet Business wasn’t easy in the beginning. I wasted six months of my life chasing one shadow after the other.

It came to a point where I thought I was stupid. I would lie awake at night wondering why everybody else seemed to be making a good living from the Internet, while I couldn’t even earn $5 a month, let alone $500.

You see in the heat of the Global Recession in 2008, the Investment Bank that I was working with as an Independent Consultant terminated my lucrative contract.

I was unemployed! :(

However, with my misplaced self-confidence, I thought that it wouldn’t take me long to make my fortune from the Internet.

Let’s look at what actually happened…

As you can see, I actually earned  a BIG FAT ZERO in my first six months online, and it wasn’t until the eighth month that I earned my very first dollar on the Internet.

So, if you haven’t yet earned a dime online, or if you’ve only earned a pittance, then I want you to know that I’ve been in exactly the same situation myself.

You are NOT alone!

I know what it feels like NOT knowing if you are ever going to get another pay check again.

I know what’s it feels like dreading the mail arriving every day.

I know EXACTLY what it’s like waking up every morning feeling stupid and useless.

Truth is I wasn’t stupid, and neither are you.

The problem, which I didn’t realize at the time, is that there was no sign-posted roadmap for me to follow, no structured guide to direct me, no comprehensive tutorial to learn from.

And I have seen hundreds of other Internet Marketers suffer even more than me… make the same mistakes I made.

I found it so disheartening seeing this happen time after time, that I decided to do something about it.

That’s why I created the The Internet Business Map (IBM).

IBM is the guide I wish I had when I was first starting out! It would have saved me a lot of time, money and frustration. It is the roadmap that would have helped me avoid all the false-turns and dead-ends, the resource that would have taught me how to achieve success.

After several months, and lots of hard knocks, something happened which changed the entire landscape for me.

It was New Year’s eve, 2009. In the early afternoon, I took the entire family to go and visit a cousin of mine who recently ahd a new addition (baby) to his family.  When I got back several hours later, this is what confronted me:

I had just experienced my first 4-Figure day on the Internet!

And what a way to kick-off the fast-approaching New Year (2010). :)

For the very first time, I really believed that I could earn a living and cater for my family from having an Internet Business.

Now, this is where it gets really interesting…

The product that brought in over $1,000 in less than 24 hours at $39 a unit, is the same product that I struggled to shift 11 copies of at $3 a unit seven months earlier.

So what happened?

The simplest way to put it is that I had finally been able to put together several pieces of the Internet puzzle, and I was able to use them to go from struggling to earn ZERO dollars in six months, to earning over $1,000.00 in one day.

I hadn’t arrived by any stretch of imagination.  In fact, I still haven’t arrived, but that first 4-Figure day gave me a lot of confidence, and acted as the launch pad that allowed me to leverage multple Business Models (all of which are fully disclosed in Part 1 of IBM), and use them to generate Quick Cash Injections QCIs…

If you were expecting to see ClickBank screenshots showing earnings $2,603,521.26 in 45 days, then you are probably disappointed.

That’s OK.

You see, the screenshots above are not from my main Internet Business.  They are just QCIs, and I don’t FOCUS much attention on them.

Imagine what it could be like if I FOCUSED most of my attention on the Advertising Business Model, and instead of having just one website earning an average of $12 a day, I had 50 websites earning an average of $8 dollars a day.

$400 a day… Is that the kind of income you would be happy with?

Or if I FOCUSED on the Affiliate Marketing Business Model, and instead of doing a few promotions a month, I did several every week.

Or if I FOCUSED all my energies on developing and selling Virtual Real Estate…

Are you beginning to get the picture?

And just to let you know… FOCUS is something that we really FOCUS on in Part 1 of IBM. :P

So what Business Model do I FOCUS on, I hear you ask?

Well, I FOCUS on the Product Development Business Model, and less than four months after my first 4-Figure Day, by leveraging one of the techniques you will find in Part 3 of IBM, I had a 5-Figure (gross) day.

The earnings above were from just one product.  I have developed lots of other products, that bring in money virtually every day.  And my earnings literally exploded overnight , after I started using one of the strategies in Part 4 of IBM. Here’s what a good day looks like:

It should be pretty obvious that I am NOT a guru, neither am I a $103,729.00 in 8 days superstar.  I am just a normal guy who is working hard to earn a living on the Internet.

And I am NOT going to tell you that I work only 3 hours a week, because that’s not true.  I actually work very hard, but so do lots of other people who don’t have the results to show for it.

The ONLY difference, I think is that I now understand how to build an Internet Business, whereas before I was wasting my time MAJORING in the MINORS.  Not any longer!

Are you still MAJORING in the MINORS?

Do you even know the difference between a MAJOR and a MINOR?

I hope it is also obvious to you that I am NOT a one-trick pony, and that even though I earn the majority of my income from one Business Model, I actually EARN money from more than one Business Model, and this has given me muliple streams of income.

Would you like to have multiple streams of Internet income?

Nothwithstanding my expertise in a variety of Business Models, I want to make it very clear that I haven’t been at this game for very long, and I still feel that there’s a lot for me to learn and improve upon.

So rather than write everything myself, based on my limited experience of less than three years; I collaborated with a mystery veteran to create this roadmap for you, so that you don’t need to learn the hard way like I did.

My “silent co-author” is an industry insider with loads more experience than me – so you can bet you’ll discover insider tips and strategies that will open your eyes, and grow your Internet Business!

And I am really glad I did this, because personally I have already learnt so much from the vast wisdom of my co-author. For instance one simple tip in Part 3 is going to vastly increase the volume of transactions my Internet Business will do in the future.


Do yourself a big favour…

I have bought all of Oz’s previous stuff and built a list of 3,133 subscribers in 6 months (that’s today’s figure at 9.59am 8th June 2011) using the exact same techniques described in this report.

Oz has been there and done it and that’s what makes all the difference in the world between his stuff and the masses of other stuff that leaves out the important bits. But for me it is the style of writing I absolutely love. It will make you smile and keep you interested and that is what will drive you for the first time into making this work.

Do yourself a big favour and get this one. And as they say in this trade, you can thank me for it later One last tip, once you have it, unsubscribe to everything else for a month until you have this in the bag.


Best Money Ever Spent…

Thank you Oz for an amazing guideline showing how to exactly polish my business model of rough edges and make it workable as well as profitable, this almost seems like stealing from you for such a remarkable price, will be forever grateful for your generosity in sharing such value trade secrets with me and others!!! Best money ever spent

Are You Lost?

If anyone is lost in the Internet marketing world.

If anyone wants to know what Internet marketing is all about.

If anyone has a dream to make a million or two…

If anyone wants to leave a well established legacy for their children’s children…

Then Oz’s IBM guide is to be read, to be re-read and to take assertive action.

I am so happy to have had the opportunity of possessing a copy of Oz’s IBM, the REAL Internet marketer’s guide, without a doubt.

Thank you OZ for being our friend and IM partner. You are indeed ‘One of a kind!’

Isabel DaGuerra

Just imagine what difference IBM could make to your own Internet Business…

Would your life be any different if you owned an Internet Business that someone was willing to pay $8,500,000,000.00 for?

Or would a Quick Cash Infusion (QCI) of $850 in 8.5 hours save the day?

All you have to do is download IBM right now and start learning the right way to build and run a profitable Internet Business, including:

You’ll Get a Complete Overview of the BEST Ways to Earn Money Online… (Prepared to be Surprised!) [Part 1: Before You Start]
  • You’ll discover over a dozen ways to make money online, with real-life examples and the pros and cons of each model. Now it’s easy to pick the money-making model that’s right for you! (Page 7)
  • Affiliate Marketing catch your eye? You’ll find out which affiliate products put the most money in your pocket! (Page 10)
  • You’ll learn 8 different kinds of products you can sell– plus how to get your own product quickly and easily without creating it yourself! (Page 12)
  • This is cool: You’ll find out what a hybrid product is and how you can use it to virtually eliminate refunds and boost profits! (Page 15)
  • You’ll find out 7 ways to get products for cheap (so you can sell them for a hefty profit later)! (Page 18)
  • The two keys to making money selling services. (Plus a nifty way to sell services without doing any of the dirty work yourself!) (Page 26)
  • You’ll learn how to quickly uncover dozens if not hundreds of profitable niche markets – some of which you didn’t even know existed! (Page 36)
  • You’ll virtually guarantee your success once you use these 9 simple ways for quickly gauging if a niche market is profitable! (Page 38)

You’ll Discover How to Quickly and Easily
Set Up Your Online Business – Even If
You’re an Absolute Beginner!
[Part 2: Starting Your Internet Business]
  • The four keys to choosing a great domain name – this has NOTHING to do with including your keywords! (Page 43)
  • You won’t waste a minute wondering how to get set up once you see our rock-solid recommendations for hosting, domain registration and more! (Page 43)
  • Don’t know how to design a site? No problem – We’ll show you where to find good designers to create your perfect site! (Page 44)
  • You’ll find out the best way to collect payments from customers! (Page 45)

You’ll Discover the Secrets of Converting Casual Visitors to Eager, Cash-in-Hand Customers…
[Part 3: Marketing Your Internet Business]
  • Here’s a commonly overlooked step you need to take before you even think of writing one word of copy. (Hint: Skip this and prepare for disappointing results!) (Page 50)
  • You’ll learn a quick and dirty formula you can use to create a cash-pulling sales letter! (Page 51)
  • You’ll get a crash-course in creating headlines that command attention! (Page 52)
  • You’ll discover 3 ways to create “grab ‘em by the shirt collar” openers that hold your prospects spellbound! (Page 53)
  • Revealed: A powerfully effective way to almost instantly put your prospects in a buying mood! (Page 54)
  • You’ll find out how to make sure your prospects hang on every word of your sales letter – right through to your order button! (Page 54)
  • You’ll find out which two “ingredients” you need to include in every bullet point in your letter – miss this and kiss your sales goodbye! (Page 55)
  • You’ll get a surprisingly counter-intuitive way to make more sales – don’t overlook this amazing strategy! (page 56)
  • You’ll learn 9 powerful ways to overcome your buyer’s objections and save the sale – that’s more money in your pocket! (Page 57)
  • WOW: You’ll get 6 ways to light a fire under your prospect and get them to eagerly order RIGHT NOW! (Page 59)
  • Need more sales? Then use these 7 strategies for positioning yourself as THE most trusted authority in your niche! (Pssst: These secrets have cult-like power!) (Page 63)
  • You’ll find out 8 ways to get more trust, build credibility and make more sales… fast! (Page 61-65)

You’ll Discover Powerful, FREE Ways to Bring More Customers to Your Site, Including…
[Part 3: Marketing Your Internet Business]
  • Two simple steps for getting all the Google traffic you want! (Page 69)
  • Backlinks = traffic. And now you’ll discover 10 surefire ways to get thousands of links – just imagine how much traffic you’ll get! (Page 73)
  • Two lists you should be building plus an easy 5-step process for creating responsive, profitable lists! (Page 74)
  • You’ll discover the single most effective advertising strategy ever – this traffic creates sales more than any other kind! (Page 77)
  • You’ll discover 6 awesome ways to get all the affiliates you want! (Page 78)
  • You’ll learn 8 surprising ways attract the biggest JV and affiliate partners in your niche… (Page 80)
  • Plus you’ll learn 3 ways to get more “yes” responses from the big players in your niche! (Page 80)
  • You’ll love these 5 ways for using text, audio, video, viral and “live event” content to get all the traffic and backlinks you want! (Page 81)
  • The single best place to post a free advertisement – you could be getting sales in just minutes! (Page 85)

Plus You’ll Find Out How to Get
Traffic FAST Using These Surprisingly
Effective Paid Advertising Strategies…
[Part 3: Marketing Your Internet Business]
  • Instant traffic, instant sales: You’ll get 4 quick-n-easy steps for creating these successful and highly profitable PPC campaigns! (Page 87)
  • Media buys aren’t just for Fortune 500 companies – I’ll show you 7 ads you can buy and 3 different ways to get your hands on the most profitable ad placements! (Page 91)
  • You’ll find out which ad venue is annoying to prospects – but so extremely profitable that you’ll happily use it again and again! (Page 95)
  • Ever heard of CPA advertising? You’ll find out how to tap it any time you want for profits! (Page 96)
  • Ride the social media wave and get in front of your prospects using these three surprisingly effective advertising opportunities! (Page 97)
  • Warning: Don’t even think of using co-registration until you see what we have to say about it. Hint: It’s not what everyone else is telling you! (Page 97)
  • You’ll get 4 tips for getting your press releases picked up and published all over! (Page 99)

You’ll Find Out How to Easily Grow Your Business from a Little Money-Maker to Long-Term Profit Center That Takes Care of You and Your Family… [Part 4: Growing Your Internet Business]
  • You’ll discover what the world’s most successful business owners know about giving themselves a pay raise almost any time they want one! (Page 101)
  • You’ll find out which 6 parts of your ads and campaigns you can test, track, tweak and improve to start enjoying more profits! (Page 103)
  • You’ll learn the 6 keys for turning lukewarm prospects into happy customers! (Page 110)
  • You’ll get 12 customer-service tips that will get your customers eagerly buying from you again and again! (Page 113)
  • You’ll learn the TRUTH about USPs (unique selling positions) and branding – hardly anyone talks about this! (Page 119)
  • You’ll find out how to leverage other peoples’ skills and time – now you can build your business without lifting a finger! (Page 128)
  • Thinking about outsourcing? Ask yourself these 3 crucial questions first to avoid costly mistakes! (page 130)
  • You’ll learn 14 tips for finding, researching and hiring freelancers – do this right and you won’t have to worry about a con artist running off with your money! (Page 132)
  • Push the easy button: How to quickly get your hands on all the content you need to promote your business! (Page 136)
  • You’ll learn a completely legal and extremely effective way to leverage other peoples’ traffic, lists and assets for your own benefit! (Page 139)
  • WARNING: Will your business take care of your family if you die? Check the last chapter to find out what you need to do today to protect your loved ones! (Page 146)
  • Which of these five exit strategies is right for you? (Psst: Better think about this now or you’ll have to deal with taxes and other nasty consequences later!) (Page 149)

And much, much more. By the time you finish reading and applying the strategies in this guide…

Your Internet Business Will Have a Solid Foundation:
And You’ll Feel Good and Confident About Your Future!


Don’t you deserve to start building your own potential billion dollar asset(s)?

Don’t you deserve to be able to generate cash quickly when you need it?

The Definitive Guide To Internet Marketing

I bought IBM. It is an amazing product. It is like THE definitive guide to internet marketing. It gives you a birds eye view of internet marketing; at the same time it is detailed and well laid out an organised. I wish I had this product earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time figuring out the different kinds of internet marketing out there.

When I first started out, I used to think that there is only one kind of internet marketing until I started finding out more, I realised that there are so many aspects to internet marketing and it is so complicated. But this road map, plots out the internet marketing geography in a very clear and accurate way. It should be the “textbook” of every internet marketer. It should be the handbook, manual, guide, or whatever you want to call it. But every internet marketer must have this book in their library.

Justus Kim

Do You Want To Follow An Honest Marketer?

A long time ago, Oz, I asked you to publish a step-by-step IM overview. I was one of the newbie/intermediate marketers who had fallen into a canyon, and I needed your help.

Thanks for publishing this Internet Business Map! No wonder you’ve gotten such rave reviews already.

I’m going to review IBM by answering a rude question: “Who needs another IM overview product?”

*Buy IBM if you have an IM information overload and distraction hangover. Otherwise, you’ll be spending weeks, months, even years fussing over the latest tactics or details that don’t matter. Get to the Finish Line this time with all the details that matter.

*Buy IBM if you want that elusive mix of clear and quirky that Oz has patented despite his many imitators. You’ll not only get what Oz says: you’ll remember what he says.

*Buy IBM if you want to follow an honest marketer who supports both successful marketers and underdogs. Oz keeps it real. . . and innovative.

Professor Mary

This is An Actionable Plan…

Hi Oz…

First off let me tell you how sorry I am for taking so long to get your review back to you. This was no easy read! Let me take that back and reword it.
It was an easy read but there was so much information there that I couldn’t just skim through it and give an honest review. I am so glad that you broke this down into 4 sections.

First off, do you remember that old commercial on TV from ‘Wendy’s Hamburgers’ the question/slogan was, “Where’s the beef?” To mix metaphors, I would have to say, “The beef stops here“!! This is such a meaty report, I could not take it in all in one sitting. You have put together a complete Internet Marketing course here… Actually, I like your description, “An end-to-end overview of what it takes to build, run and grow a successful Internet Business.It really is. I can’t begin to do it justice without being all cliche’y (yeah that’s a real word, I just made it up) but I really do wish I would have had this detailed report before I started trying to do business online. It would have saved me a lot of time, money and frustration. It would have organized my thoughts, given me direction it actually is a step-by-step blueprint.

A person could take this mother lode of information, follow the steps and come out the other end with a real business. This material is organized in such a way that a person without any knowledge of Internet Marketing could paint by numbers and know what to do and how to do it without suffering from info overload. Everything is here but the actual products and you clearly and concisely explain how to do that too.

I read Part 1, Your introduction and it was a great overview, you laid out the different business models in a very simple method but it was still packed with lots of nuggets. This section alone could be a product. In Part 2 you told me how to do all the things it took me a long time to figure out on my own. Part 3 is full of stuff that I am learning even now, except it is all there in one place, in a very orderly fashion. Finally Part 4 covers all the stuff that every marketer needs to do… the scary stuff… but you make it simple with clear directions. You take the mystery out of a lot of stuff the gurus like to keep mystified.

Maybe I shouldn’t mention that you throw in a little bonus at the very beginning, it is a link to your 4DM report, in it you explain some real business killers and I can see that this is where this monster Internet Business Map originated from. This whole thing is well crafted, it has valuable stuff in there for the greenest newbie all the way to tactic for even more advanced marketers. This is an actionable plan, it does require work… but at least now a person has a real map, to a real treasure. Lots of Nuggets here… (beef and gold)

So what is a report like this worth? Personally I have spent thousands of dollars here and there trying to learn all this stuff. Re-purpose it with some video, audio, and Power Points to rehash the info in several media forms and you will have a $1000 – $3000 product, but I know that’s not your style. Whatever you let it go for, it will be well worth the price.

Thanks for letting me have a review copy. This will be added to my desktop as one of my most valuable resources.

God bless you Oz,

Pete Bass

I know – it feels like you’ve been down this road before. You’ve gotten your hopes up only to see them crushed later on. It just seems like there are too many bright and shiny objects obstructing your success. You’re not making money and you’re getting frustrated.

But that’s all in the past. You can kiss those frustrations goodbye.

That’s because this time, you have a COMPLETE overview that shows you exactly what you need to do to build the foundation for a lasting Internet Business – a business that will stand the test of time. And that means:

  • No more getting overwhelmed with everyone telling you something different.
  • No more buying dozens of different products because you’re not sure which how to start your business.
  • And no more jumping from one idea to the next because you’re confused by all the incomplete and just plain misguided information floating around out there!

I want you to set your sights high… very high… and $8.5bn is not too high.

Neither is $850 too low.

Don’t You Dare Lose Hope!!!

And if I can do it, then so can you!

You just need to believe, and you also need to learn.

When it comes to learning, you’ve got two options

  • Use the Trial By Error approach, and eventually figure out everything for yourself, and learn from your own mistakes.
  • Learn from a comprehensive and well structured guide that was created specifically to help you build a successful Internet Business in the shortest possible amount of time.

If you go with the firs option, then don’t be surprised if years later, you find yourself in a similar position to Adam who recently admitted to spending over $10,000 chasing the Internet marketing dream… all to no avail. :(

Lost Almost $10,000 Chasing IM Dream…

I don’t have time scheduled to work on another course but I trust Oz and I think I have to pay attention.  Thank’s Oz.  I myself have lost almost $10,000 chasing the IM dream. Luckily I have learned a lot and am starting to pull around.  Anything to speed that up would be most welcome.

The saving grace for Adam is that lost money can be replaced.  Lost time however, is gone forever, as Alan can testify to!

Well Over 10 Years Chasing Internet Dream!

You betcha!
Well over 10 years chasing the internet dream! Most people seem to talk about “money lost”, hardly anybody seems to mention “time lost” chasing lost causes due to being led down the garden path.
Without even thinking about the monetary costs, it breaks my heart to think how much time I’ve taken out of my life over the last 10 years or so trying to make things happen.
Unless we’re donating our time for free to good causes such as charity work etc, we all have a price.
The moment we stop and realize how much our time is really worth, is the moment we start to put into perspective how much it’s really costing us to chase lost dreams.

Well, that moment has arrived, and your search is finally over.

Today is the day your life changes, because this is the day you download the Internet Business Map, pick a money-making model, and start building the Internet Business that will be today’s bill-paying money maker… and tomorrow’s clear path to retirement!

This is it. Take a deep breath, because you’re about to get what you’ve always wanted – security for you and your family. But you’re probably wondering…
How Much Is This Proven Internet Business Guide Worth?

How much money have you wasted chasing the elusive Internet dream? Tell me.

How much time have you lost FOREVER going round in circles? How much is your time worth?

If I had known that it would take me over eight months (and lots of money wasted on useless ebooks and courses) to earn my first $100, I would have gladly paid $997 for a quality resource that would help me start earning money within six weeks instead of eight months.

How much do you think such a resource would be worth to Adam, who lost $10,000.00?

I could tell you this information is worth thousands to you (it’s true), because it will help you build your Internet Business on a solid foundation. I could tell you how others are charging hundreds of dollars for just some of the info you’ll find inside IBM(also true).

But I won’t do that, instead I’ll let you see what other people think IBM is worth…

“Worth At Least $350-$500″

Mate that is a difficult question. I know in comparison to some of the seedy stuff I have seen, and the time wasted and the psychological stress suffered it is worth at least $350-$500.

OK if your buyers haven’t been there, they can’t relate to that sort of price – but in saying that I haven’t seen as complete or comprehensive a document during my jungle trudge.

See, you have information sites like XXX’s and he charges $37/month. But his site is still an amorphous collection of information, it does not have the singular focus that IBM has. IBM is like “paint by numbers” – follow the map and if you commit to what you learn you will succeed.

So thinking about price level to sales volume I would say a minimum of $97 and a max of $197 ?

Maybe a tighter range say $147 – $197.

It is a bit hard to judge the main demographic of your customer base. Maybe you should get a few stories from those of us who did their apprenticeship the HARD way and relate these stories to what is represented by IBM. You have to say it is an unusual document for IM.


Mike FD

“Well Worth $150-$200…”

As for the price Oz, this content is well worth $150 – $200 as the introduction to Internet marketing industry. You have volumes of content and resources to keep anyone focussed on the projects. However, I believe that this should be in the hands of any and every Internet marketer to read. Personally, well worth $97 and no less.

So my price range would be $100-$200.


So I think you’ll agree with Isabel that $97 is definitely a bargian price, but I’m not going to beat around the bush – instead, let me just come right out and say that this guide is just $17 if your order today.

Seventeen bucks – the price of a large pizza. Don’t you think starting your business off on the right foot is worth at least that much to you?

Listen, some vendors charge as much as $97 for their Internet Marketing guides, but those other guides don’t include a fraction of what you’ll find inside IBM. Worse yet, those other guides are advertised as being “complete” (they’re not).

Are you beginning to see why this is such a good deal?

A journey of a billion dollars starts with a single step, and you are about to take that all important first step, and you won’t lose your way on this journey, because you’ll have a Map.

Now here’s something else you’ll like…

While any business (online or offline) requires a certain amount of risk, downloading IBM today is completely risk free for you…

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Go ahead and download IBM right now. Read and enjoy every single tip, strategy and secret. Use IBM for a full 30 days to start building and running your Internet Business. If you’re not absolutely satisfied – if you don’t like the results – then simply email me and I’ll issue you a prompt, cheerful refund. No questions, no hoops to jump through. You get your money back and we can part as friends.

Fair enough?

Then there’s just one thing left for you to do…

Order Now to Avoid Disappointment

Would you like to build a real asset that could be worth as much as $8,500,000,000.00?

Take out your credit card and click the “Add To Cart” button below to get started on your new path for just $17. But do it now, because this introductory price won’t last long!

Here’s to your success!

P.S. Feel free to look around for a more COMPREHENSIVE guide at a better price, but I can tell you now that you won’t find one. Plus if you spend too much looking, you’ll miss out on the introductory special price of just $17 – so order now to avoid disappointment!